Mar 8, 2015

Kyun Ki Chillar Nahin Hai Mere Paas!!

While watching one of the lawyers talking about women as flower & fragrance etc in India's Daughter, my thoughts went back to the Station Master character from "Jab We Met". The tone & tenor was quite similar, with him patronisingly telling Geet (Karina Kapoor) how a woman travelling on her own is like an open treasure.

Well, obviously the ban on the movie indicates that this advocate in real life or the station master in reel life are not the only ones with this kind of mindset. Over last couple of years, there have been many more voicing similar thoughts - quite brazenly too - including those who are leaders in their own right - be it political or social. Javed Akhtar is right when in Rajya Sabha he mentioned that such have been the thoughts of some of the members of the Upper House also.

I think time has come for those with liberal & modern mindset to not keep quiet, but resort to what Geet did in the movie. Bemusingly, she asked the Station Master if all his talk is free or going to cost her money: Kyun Ki Chillar Nahin Hai mere Paas.

So next time any one comes across in public domain to give us similar kind of gyaan - be it about how a woman should behave or what we as a matured educated adult are entitled to watch or read or hear - let us tell the person ‪#‎ChillarNahinHai‬.

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pooja mahimkar said...

hhahha.. That would really be an awesome come back :D