Dec 27, 2015

Star Wars & Bajirao Mastani: A Brief Review of Two Sequels

A week where I had a tryst with two sequels:

First: an intended one:

Star Wars - A New Awakening. A crackle of a movie that manages to tick all the "must" boxes of the franchise; well paced & well photographed at some of the best landscaped locales - loved the way the desert has been captured; and with Harrison Ford, Carrie Fischer & Mark Hamil brings alive the nostalgia as well as becomes the perfect connector for the remaining two movies to follow. 

J J Abrams, the legacy of George Lucas seems to be in perfect hands. 

May the Force be with you!

Second - an unintended one:

Bajirao Mastani where Mr. Bhansali still seems to be still reeling under the hangover of Devdas. Similar template with ticking of all the "must" boxes -  ever moist eyed actors in love, music piece set to the dance steps of Birju Maharaj (Mohe Rang Do Laal, a lovely song though missed Madhuri Dixit's effervescent dance), one song-n-dance with both the heroines, lots of grandeur & pomp with amazing eye for detailing of inanimate objects. 

Despite good performances by all the key performers, the movie unfortunately leaves one cold due to its uni-dimensional portrayal of the characters. For me the defining moment was when one of the bravest warrior of Maratha history starts dancing & singing "Vaat Lavli". 

Kharach Vaat Laavli..

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